out now: ULTHA “converging sins” DLP / CD 

On their second album ULTHA further their trademark sound of fast, hypnotic, reverberant Black Metal in a more US traditon played by acts such as Ash Borer, Weakling, Leviathan and Wolves In The Throne Room. It is combined with crushing Doom heaviness close to acts such as Lycus, Asunder and Forn while also blending in an overall hopeless and gloomy atmosphere mostly connected to Dark Wave bands such as The Sisters Of Mercy and (early) The Cure. The 2016 EP ‘DISMAL RUINS’ already showed the path ULTHA follow, adding multiple layers of electronics and slower passages in focus on overall diversive, captivating songstructures in mix with their juggernaut sound.

get it here or here


out now: VOID OMNIA “dying light” LP

preorder here or here


out now:  ANAGNORISIS “peripeteiea” LP and CD

get them here


out now:

STATIQBLOOM mask visions poison LP

order here



vendetta released a free download compilation, feat. the bands i released recently, or will release soon

check it out, download it, spread it:





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