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AFSKY “Ofte jeg drømmer mig død” LP/CD


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NAXEN “towards the tomb of times” LP/CD/TAPE

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Following the EP ‘To Abide in Ancient Abysses’ the
first full-length offering of German black metal band NAXEN
will be released on June 5th, 2020 by Vendetta Records.
On ‘Towards the Tomb of Times’ NAXEN consolidates their own contemporary take on black metal which is both truthful to the Scandinavian heritage and incorporates the atmospheric counterpart of USBM and Eastern European Melodies.
With four tracks spanning over 47 minutes, the album explores the weakness of mankind, the unavoidable loss and the inevitable failure of our species.

Acknowledging that all hope is lost and remains redundant in the end, transcendence is sought through fire, the perishment of flesh and death as the ultimate liberation.
These feelings of existential disappointment, depression and despair flow through the melodies, revolve in the lyrics and are captured in the visuals (by Arjen Kunnen). The layout is crafted by Tobias Hahn.

The album is mixed and mastered by Andy Roscyzk (Ultha) at Goblin Sound encapturing the veritable coldness and giving transparency to the multi-layered essence of the songs.

All those elements constituting ‘Towards the Tomb of Times’ and their songs of darkness and loss engraved on this record are illustrative of how NAXEN has progressed dramatically in terms of sound and song-writing since their original conception in 2018.

“towards the tomb of times” will be released June 5th, you can now preorder your copy here

vinyl is available in two variants: black and bonewhite (lim. to 100 copies)


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SINISTRAL KING “serpent uncoiled” LP/CD


“Serpent Uncoiling”, a magnum opus of five majestic, occult death-black metal pieces, which are paired with the dark elements of classical music. Entertaining, gripping, full of diversity and atmosphere; but despite all the different influences, it is always committed to the band’s traditional roots of the darkest art in metal.

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Dødsdrift “Weltenszission” LP


90’s influenced black metal from northern Germany

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