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KOLD “s/t” Tape

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Black Metal from Denmark is developing more and more into a stylistically own form: The musicians there apparently have a very fine feel for drawing the best elements from the various sub-genres and using a special atmosphere that is difficult to put into words. This is also the case with Kold, who have just released their debut EP of the same name: Always changing between mid-tempo and frantic outbursts of tempo, very atmospheric and sometimes slightly melodic Black Metal is showed. And this “showing” of these four tracks works with both simple and expressive imagery, which above all convey an unbelievable desolation. The sometimes a little bit dull production also fits this, but it is not uncomfortably noticeable, but gets rid of any color like a monochrome filter and thus creates an audio-visual experience. And I can warmly recommend that to every listener, because “Kold” is one of the strongest Black Metal releases this year so far. (black salvation)
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