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SCÁTH NA DÉITHE “the dirge of endless mounring” LP


Since many asked for it, vendetta now released the latest SCÁTH NA DÉITHE album, “The Dirge Of Endless Mourning” on vinyl as well.
The LP is limited to 200 copies and available now:

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also out now:

GLEMSEL “unavngivet” LP


Intense black metal from Denmark.

“…the music isn’t generally an uplifting experience. Accompanied by cracked-throat demonic vocal hostility, it ranges across moods of chilling dread, cold cruelty, crushing desolation, and mind-melting despondency. When the band hit the accelerator, the feeling is more one of frantic despair than fight or fury. The sound is clear, heavy, and potent, but Glemsel also deftly interweave quieter, acoustic-accented moments charged with wistfulness and regret, as well as music of more cinematic sweep.

What becomes quickly clear, and only solidifies as you go, is that the band have an impressive talent for crafting powerfully evocative melodies that provide catharsis for downcast moods, and an equal talent (thankfully) for making the experience a dynamic one.” (no clean singing)

Listen to “unvangivet” it’s entirety here 

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