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This record deals with the lyrical concept of an environment recovering from humanity’s absence and the inevitable demise of our species as a part of the cycle of life. We are dependent on nature, but nature is not dependent on us. The artwork was done by Chris Kiesling from Misanthropic-Art and is directly intertwined with the lyrical concept of both songs. The lyrics to Kien Kummweer are written in low-german, the lyrics to Warndt are written in french. Both bands showcase an effort of exploring with their sound with Loth taking a route that utilizes influences from progressive music and Friisk delving into doomier and melodious territories.

Kien Kummweer was recorded by Friisk and mixed and mastered by Andy Rosczyk at Goblin Sound Studio Cologne in 2019. Warndt was recorded and mixed by Loth and mastered by Guillaume Thillot in 2019.

The design was done by Thomas Reitmayer, who passed away on May 7th this year. I want to thank him so much for putting his effort into this release and wish his family and friends all the best in these tough times.

It is available on white vinyl (limited to 100 copies), black vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and also as a digital download.

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